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July 13, 2021            

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Small steps and big wins.

The BBA’s work on the Downtown Parking and Transportation Management plan (2015-2021) is coming to an end, but the work is far from over. 

Here’s a quick look at how it started, how it's going, and what’s next: 

  • Cash to Credit – This $6million + only took cash in 2015 and wasn’t making ends meet. Now we have a very popular pay-by-cell app for almost all parking areas and around 300 "smart meters” that accept credit cards and a system that’s in the black. Cash is only about 30% of total municipal parking transactions now.

  • Attitude Adjustment – Parking is frequently the first and last impression visitors have of BTV. There are always improvements to be made in customer service, but DPW has come a long way since we started – we have ambassadors instead of attendants, checklists for work accountability, and a renewed commitment to customer service. We now have to make sure DPW delivers.

  • Garage Investment – Over $10 million has been invested in Burlington’s aging municipal garages as part of the DPTM.

  • INFO Online – There wasn’t a map or website when we started this project.  Now we have a comprehensive website, very popular map (most-visited page on website) and well used contact form. We also have the ability to look up, pay and appeal tickets. 
  • Private Parking Opened to Public – There are around 8,000 parking spaces in downtown Burlington and well over half are privately owned. This project has helped open up over 1,000 of those privately owned spaces to the public. We’ll continue to advocate for private parking that’s open to the public.

  • 2 Hrs Free Changed– You don’t give away your front-row seats… and that’s exactly what 2 hours free at Marketplace Garage was doing for Burlington. We still have 2 Hrs Free at Lakeview and College Street garages. 

  • Free Employee Parking Program – As part of the removal of 2 hours free, we were able to get a free parking program at Lakeview and College Street Garage for service sector employees baked into ordinance – a big win for attracting and retaining restaurant and retail staff in Burlington. 

Those are the wave-tops on this extensive project. The BBA will continue to keep an eye on these important issues going forward. 

We'd like to thank Chapin Spencer, Jeff Padgett and everyone at DPW for all their work on this project and we look forward to continuing to work with the DPW team to make parking better. 

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