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L O G A N   S Q U A R E   P R E S E R V A T I O N

Dear Members,

We’re reaching out tonight because we’ve just learned that the 1st Ward and CDOT have plans to remove two traffic lanes from Logan Blvd. from Campbell to Western in order to slow traffic and accommodate new, bollard-protected bicycle lanes before the end of THIS YEAR.
I asked Alderman La Spata for a community process to inform the final design but he refused. I was told, instead, that it could be removed in the future if it proved problematic.
While we at Logan Square Preservation support traffic calming and recognize the need for changes to improve safety at the Western/Logan intersection specifically, we loudly object to decisions of this magnitude being made behind closed doors and without any consultation with the many stakeholders such as local schools and neighbors who are, instead, being excluded from the discussion. By comparison the redesign of Logan Square and Milwaukee involved a formal project study group composed of stakeholders and at least four public meetings over two years.
We are asking you to please email your objection to this rushed, closed-door re-design of the Western/Logan intersection to info@the1stward.com and copy us at lsp@logansquarepreservation.org.
Thank you for your support.
Your neighbor,
Andrew Schneider
President, Logan Square Preservation


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