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May 19, 2021


Spotlight on: Union Chapel UMC


This past Sunday, current and former leaders and members of Union Chapel Indy UMC, along with Rev. Dr. Aleze Fulbright and other Conference connections, gathered for a celebration.

The reason for Union Chapel's celebration was the dedication ceremony for their new  building addition. The vision for this project began years ago, with the initial ground breaking  in 2019, led by Rev. Andy Charnstrom and the church's lay leaders.  The work continued through Rev. Andy's retirement and the welcoming of Pastor Elizabeth Gilbert in 2020. The continued construction and its completition, as well as the change in pastor leadership, occurred during a time without fanfare, as public celebrations were not possible last year.

The accomplishments were indeed celebrated on Sunday, beginning in the morning service where 12 new members were welcomed, contuniing later in the afternoon with the dedication ceremony, food and refreshments, a family fun festival and ending with a tree planting.

Metro Ministries congratulates Union Chapel Indy on your determination and commitment to extend your ministry in your community! Well done!


 Jodi Pfarr Bridges Out of Poverty Training



Bridges Alliance of Johnson County has announced Jodi Pfarr Bridges Out of Poverty workshop opportunities coming in June.

Jodi Pfarr is a nationally recognized spearker whose misison is to bring understanding, heightened awareness and intentional action towards fighting poverty. The three hour workshop addresses practical strategies and tools around the mental models of poverty, middle class and wealth and provides a powerful look at political, individual and institututional systems that must be addressed in order to build bridges out of poverty.

The workshop is designed for community members, employers, community organization leaders and staff, law enforcement, and health care and social service providers.

Two sessions are available on June 23, 6 - 9 PM or June 24, 9 - noon. The sessions will be in person at the Artcraft Theater in Franklin. Click HERE to register for one of these sessions.

Metro Ministries is pleased to support Bridges Alliance of Johnson County and this training opportunity through our Spring 2021 grant. We hope you will consider attending one of these sessions.


Community Resources Workshop



If you have not signed up, I encourage you to join this upcoming workshop!

Would you like to learn more about the resources available in your community? Would you like to hear how churches and organizations can collaborate to help address the needs of our neighbors? Would you like to learn about programs available to help with needs like job training, employment, child care, senior care, crisis help?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Metro's Connecting Others with Community Resources workshop may be for you!

  • Date: Thursday, May 27
  • Time: 2;00 - 3:30 p.m.
  • Registration: HERE

This FREE virtual workshop is intended for church leaders, staff and members throughout the Central District who want to learn more about tapping into community resources, for the benefit of folks in their communities. County-specific resources will be shared during and after the workshop.

Panelists will include:

  • Alicia Baker, Community Engagement Manager with Aunt Bertha
  • Allen Southerland, Pipeline & Partnerships, Shepherd Community Center
  • Joni Hurst, Coordinator, Volunteer & Food Services, Mary Rigg Community Center
  • Rosie Butler, Program Director, Irvington Community Advocacy Network (ICAN)

Zoom information will be sent after registration, along with email reminders the week of the event.




Last week's newsletter contained an incorrect link to a survey from SAVI. If you are interested in the power of data for your church and/or your community, please take a few minutes to complete this SURVEY.
SAVI is a program of the Polis Center at IUPUI.  SAVI's vision is that all organizations will have access to and use data to improve planning and decision-making and ultimately improve the quality of life in the communities they serve. I invite you to visit SAVI for yourself at https://www.savi.org.
The SAVI team has developed a rich and robust data analysis system that pulls data from a number of sources and uses multiple data elements layered together to paint a picture of the needs and assets in a given geography, within the 11 counties that make up the Indianapolis Metropolitan area. Their SAVI tool also allows individuals to "dig in" to the data themselves, and there are training webinars and other training resources on their website to help in using the tool.
Metro Ministries has been invited to help them make improvements in their tool by considering how churches and church ministries might want to use SAVI and how information on church ministries and church membership could be incorporated to provide guidance to church leaders on outreach efforts, ministry priorities and more.

Project Transformation 2021 Wishlist

Project Transformation Indiana's summer reading program will be in person this year! Cumberland UMC will be hosting this year's program. As part of their COVID-19 safety protocols, each child will have their own set of supplies this summer. This means more supplies will be needed. PT Indiana is seeking donations to meet this increased need for supplies. Check out their Amazon wishlist and consider helping meet this need.
Global Leadership Summit 2021

This year's two-day Global Leadership Summit has two United Methodist host sites in the Central district, Franklin Grace UMC and St. Luke's UMC. Check out the summit speakers and details HERE.

Join hundreds of thousands of curious, growth-minded, and change-driven people like you who want to understand more about leadership in today's world: learn more about the Global Leadership Summit, hosted by Grace United Methodist Church in Franklin on August 5 & 6, and begin to register. Whether you attend in-person at a station like Grace or online, you will experience two days of rich, high-impact, inspiring sessions from folks who will share their wisdom and practical perspective to support you in your leadership program. 

The summit is August 5 - 6, 2021. You can reserve either in-person or online at either Grace UMC or St. Luke's UMC.




Community Compass

Community Compass is a tool created by Indy Hunger Network and has two key ways to connect individuals with food resources near them. The first is an app for smart phones that automically provides food resources based on where the individual is. The second is the ability to text for food resources if an individual does not have a smart phone. Check out details of Community Compass. This is a very valuable tool but does not currently include all food pantries beyond Marion County.

Listing of Central Indiana Food Pantries

We received a couple of updates to the listing we published last week. You can download the updated listing HERE or from Metro's website's Resources Hub.Please let us know if you have food resources to add or update. We will make updates to this list on a quarterly basis.



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